Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Collegiality...and Perfection...

I had the pleasure of again watching a PLC in action that is changing the way education is performed.  Then, the drastic crash soon followed.  A PLC shared a task with me as they have been asked to do.  Overall, it wasn't bad but had a few background errors that would prevent students from truly relating to it.  If you have read any of my previous posts you should realize how important engaging students in the math is to a successful task.  

It is worth mentioning that the crash had nothing to do with the task being sent but the reaction to my email that had a suggestion that could improve the task.  The reaction was instant defense.  Why must we always try to make things better, improve every aspect, keep revising and reinventing?  Why...the answer is so simple it is scary.  

We have clearly broken down the walls of the classroom and are working collegial in PLC's.  However, should we not continue to smash walls.  We must work to communicate beyond our grade levels.  Vertical teaming not only will give all teachers a better understanding of levels of knowledge in other grade levels but also a different point of view.  We have to be willing to take others opinions in a constructive manner.  Isn't that what we expect our students to do every day?  Why should the same not be expected of us?

This post comes at a time of the year when we are at our most stressed.  In these times we have a tendency to close back into a shell, back into our classrooms.  We have a tendency to turn on each other instead of relying on each other for assistance and honest opinions.   This profession needs collegiality in order to be successful.  The one room school house didn't last for a plethora of reasons.  

Therefore, I will continue to respond to any emails with suggestions for improvement.  It is the collegial side of me that wants to help.  A need to make things as good as possible with the thought that a later look will probably force us to change again.  That is how we move forward.  How we make things work for all students.