Thursday, May 22, 2014

Have the World's Best Athletes Improved?

Pardon the interruption from typical blogging but I need to get my students some web sites and trust this resource to do that.  

Have the world’s elite athletes improved?

The 100 meter dash has been run at the summer Olympics for decades.  Using the data provided, determine if humans are getting faster, slower, or staying about the same.  A solid statistical analysis must be provided to support your position. 


  • ·         Lists, summaries, conclusion, and anything else should be typed
  • ·         Graphical displays should be neatly written or done on the computer
  • ·         Typed paper supporting your position
  • ·         Organized mathematical proof supporting your position (does not need to be typed)

  • ·         The score of your project will depend on the quality of your analysis, the presentation, and the overall quality of your writing. 
  • ·         See the back of this page for the scoring rubric.
  • ·         This project will count towards the core knowledge portion of your last assessment.